Gospel of Mark

“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Mark 1:1

This has been said to be the most important statement ever made.

Read Mark 1:1-3:6

Hold on to your hat-it is a sprint to the end. Before bullet-style text was even thought of or Twitter, the author of Mark specializes in a compact, concise, vivid, orderly account of Jesus’ life and message.

I used to think Luke was my favorite gospel story writer, now I am in love with Mark.  Tomato/Tomaato. More to the point, more passion.  661 verses. (Luke has about 1147 and Matthew 1068)   Mark’s gospel is the action gospel.

Consider This: Action of the 7 players in Mark 1:11-13

  1. Holy Spirit
  2. Jesus Christ
  3. Satan
  4. Angels
  5. Wild Animal (Beasts)
  6. Human Helper
  7. God the Father

Match the above with following verbs: tempted, impelled, loved, peacefully abided with, no help or absent, served, obedient

The first chapter of Mark is crucial in our understanding of Jesus and life.

Like when I read Luke, I must engage in believing in the supernatural right away.  The first sentence pushes me to decide yes or no: Do I believe in God?  Do I believe that He will send a Christ/Messiah? How does God send an earthly Son?  Why would I care?  Do I need a Messiah?  Is this gospel/good news?  What…beginning?  Where does it end?


Mark wrote from Rome sometime between 45-62 AD.  Most scholars agree that this gospel is an arranged account of Peter’s words–a written record or the teaching transmitted by Peter orally (understand the vividness now?).  Mark–if you look him up Scripturally, was a follower, not a leader.  Did I just write that?  He wrote a gospel that is part of a best selling book–2000 years running.

Chapter 1-Glory, 2-Opposition, 3-Authority

The Trinity is revealed “immediately” by Mark in chapter one. (Trinity is never used in the Bible BTW)

In what ways have you experienced God the Father? Jesus the Son? The Holy Spirit?

Deborah-by-the-Palm, Bible Study