There is a children’s book that tells a story about a Native American grandfather telling a story to his blind grandson.  Each time he tells the story he ties a knot in a rope.  The story is not about the rope–but the relationship.  The knots point to repetition.  The knots point to the sturdiness of love intertwined. The knots are about love.

“Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man….   Immediately the leprosy left him and he was cured.  Mark 1:41,42

Over and over Jesus heals. Jesus tells parables–over and over– for people to understand the kingdom HE brings.  The good news. Over and over Jesus loves and cares.  The disciples see it.  The people see it.  Knots on a counting rope.  Jesus even does a two stage (Mark 8:24-25) healing process–would this be two knots?  The disciples really need to see things in slow motion.

Like knots on a counting rope, the gospel stories give an opportunity to know Jesus.

Look at the unique characteristics of the gospel of Mark to which he introduces us to Jesus:

  1. Uses the words “straightway” and “immediately”  They occur almost 30 times
  2. He uses historic present (instead of past tense)
  3. He often gives us the very Aramaic words which Jesus used (5:41; 7:34;7:11;14:36;15:34)

It has been called the “essential” Gospel.  What is “essential” in your life?  What knots are you tying in your counting rope?