Try to write a story about a dramatic event.  Or traumatic event.  A life changing event.  How would you go about it?  Let’s assume you are an eye witness.  Write the story.

In scenario number two–you are a very close friend to the eye witness.  Write the story.

Now read the Gospel story…according to Mark.

Some commentators say it is orderly, some say it is “not in order.”  Some think that Mark used an elaborate patterning to convey his theological meaning; and although his Greek is colloquial, the total effect is of extraordinary vividness, enhanced by the restraint and complete self-effacement of the writer himself.  His story is unpretentious–yet overpowering.  It moves with rapidity.  It is without sensitivity, but yet gentle and tender.  The whole story takes place in a small geographical region in the space of a few years and the meaning is infinite!

Back to our story.  How do we relate a life changing event?  How do we relate our transformation by Jesus?  Is the focus on Jesus?  Is our story unpretentious?  

What story is the most important story of your life?  For Mark is was the Good News of Jesus….and this was more than just the two words of “good news.”  Mark clearly defined what this good news was in his story.  (forgiveness, fulfillment, freedom) IMG_2169

Consider: Do we say “good news” and know what it means?

Are we willing to take ourselves out of the leading role in our transformation story?  Who planted the seeds for you in your faith walk?

God’s servant arrived. Mark announces this.  How would you continue this written account…?