A sermon series on prayer…sure gets me thinking about my deficiency in this area.


A handout at a seminar I am taking asks about the prayer discipline I am currently practicing and then wants me to commit to a “next step” I will take.


A book I am reading encourages hearing God’s call through listening in prayer—in other words—don’t do all the talking in prayer.


My monthly devotion book came today and had a quote from Rev. Billy Graham front and center:

“This should be the motto of every follower of Jesus Christ: Never stop praying no matter how dark and hopeless it may seem.”


I heard an incredible extemporaneous intercessory prayer yesterday. A gift.


“Prayer and fasting when done together accelerates discernment and aligns you with God’s will,” according to one woman who practices this often. She claims doing a partial fast (one meal/day or fasting from media) can bring your prayer life to a new level.


Never Stop…is sound advice.


Pray today for what is on your heart. Know that God hears all things and is gracious and merciful. The Holy Spirit intercedes if you do not have or know the words to say.