A woman recently shared how she visualizes Jesus with her—beside her—protecting her. It was very calming as she painted the picture with words and how she used this technique to bring peace and comfort. This picture even included her pets running and catching sticks with Jesus!

I picture Jesus with me too—walking beside me usually. Sometimes I struggle with how he would be dressed (ancient Israel or 2016 jeans and sweatshirt?)

The scene is always peaceful and comforting. Nothing like when Peter and the disciples were confronted with THE question:

Peter is point blank asked, “But who do you say that I am?” by Jesus. Peter answers with “You are the Christ.” (Anointed One—Messiah) Mark 8:29

The conversation up to that point had been “Who do the PEOPLE think I am?” And the answers were Elijah, John the Baptist, prophets…so it was as if the disciples were telling Jesus “They don’t get it, do they?”


Peter then comes up with the correct answer…for about 10 seconds. Peter, in fine Peter fashion, gets his brain going too fast and lets his mouth go in high gear, and starts to rebuke Jesus when he teaches them about his coming death and suffering.


Maybe if Jesus revealed himself to me–visually, it would be to ask me this question face to face and to share with me the teaching of his suffering and death. Would I be able to hear it—Or would I be like Peter—and say,” No! I cannot hear these things, although I know it happened, I cannot hear the details, My Lord!”IMG_2184


The prediction of Jesus’ death and suffering were:

  1. Necessary– it is necessary that every believer be taught what it means to be the Christ
  2. Startling- The “Son of Man” actually had to be It must happen. (Gen 2:17;Jn 3:16;Rom.8:32), However, after three days, he must rise again. (Is. 53;Luke 24:26)
  3. Revealing-Elders, chief priests, and scribes, the men who were supposed to be custodians of the faith, are going to kill Israel’s own Messiah
  4. It was kind and wise– Jesus tells his dearest disciples ahead of time to spare them
  5. It was clear-Before Jesus had spoken in a veiled manner—now he speaks plainly

(points per William Hendriksen, Mark, New Testament Commentary)


Picture Jesus beside you. It is necessary. It may be startling and revealing. He is kind and wise and very clear.


He is there—I hope you see Him plainly.