IMG_4759Mark 4:1-23; Mark 10:35-45; Mark 6:14-29


The parable of the Sower, James and John’s ridiculous request, and Herod’s horrible choice are three examples of heart conditions. It is not the world’s heart—nor our neighbor’s heart…it is our own heart that must be examined.


In each story it can be pointed out where something could have been changed to prevent the ruin—a circumstance—but it is a person’s heart condition that is questioned.

In the parable Jesus points out the different conditions that your heart might be afflicted with: unresponsiveness, impulsiveness, or preoccupation.

Pray each day that your spirit knocks these intruders away!!


James and John had the privilege of showing us what we look like when we get puffed up. Not a sight to behold. “My car is bigger than your car—my kids are SO smart—and I get to sit RIGHT next to Jesus in his glory!”


Then Herod made a really bad choice in a wife—John told him so. He made another bad choice—have her young daughter do a pole dance for him and his friends. Then—make a promise that backs him into a corner, while drinking with creepy friends.

It is remarkable that the Jewish leaders did not protest the killing of John the Baptist either—another bad choice. Congestive Heart Failure all over the place. Their arteries were so clogged they could not get a God thought through if they tried!

What is clogging our own hearts today…what is inhibiting our spirit to Listen Carefully…to Ask Humbly…to Choose Wisely?


It is not others that we are to point to on a DAY AWAY…it is our own hearts that we examine.


We may need a stent to open up the pathway—to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us.

Carefully, Humbly, Wisely.