God woke you up for a reason.



“The Gospel is neither a discussion nor a debate,” said Dr. Paul S. Rees. “It is an announcement!”

The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Mark 1:1 

Odds are the first thing that ran through your mind this morning was NOT “Spread the Good News!’ — and don’t delay.


What is the reason for waking up today? You are busy with business matters. If your list gets any longer, you cannot squeeze lunch in. Where is prayer?


How will you advance the gospel?

Here are some options:

*Tone of voice (indicates attitude)

*Words that you choose (indicates personality, formality, respect)

  • Example: A (trim, skinny, slender) woman entered the room.

*Do not seek to promote self, but promote what is right

*Increase encouragement to those who need a lift

*Refuse to quibble over meaningless things

*Set aside hidden agendas

*Do not personally criticize anyone unless it hurts Christ

*Tell the truth

This does not require using Scripture.  This is living Scripture. Good News.