Anna, the Biblical widow prophetess “never left the temple.” She worshiped night and day.

Although Anna’s biography is brief, we know her to be an inspiration today to those who are under difficult circumstances.

Anna, only married for seven years (the number associated with completeness) was widowed and stayed that way for eighty- four years.


Most women would have remarried and progressed with “life as usual—children, meals, laundry, grandchildren…”


We have an aged woman who had to be gray haired, dimming in sight, aching in the joints, and Luke describes her as worshiping night and day AND fasting and praying.

Some would picture her as a quiet, demure, gentle, woman.

No– I believe she must have had some of the BOLD characteristics of Charlotte in her. You know Charlotte—the spider. The one who created the wordy webs that saved the Wilbur the pig.IMG_6297IMG_6296

Like Charlotte, she worked tirelessly all her life for others. In a busy setting. Charlotte, the barn, Anna the temple. Charlotte saved Wilbur with words. Anna spoke out to save Jerusalem.



Wilbur: I didn’t know you could lay eggs.

Charlotte: Oh yes. I’m versatile.

Wilbur: Does versatile mean full of eggs?

Charlotte: [chuckling] Certainly not. Versatile means I can turn with ease from one thing to another.

Anna had to be “versatile” also. Her life took an unexpected turn early and she turned that into prayer and praise—turning inside out the expected response.

Anna was on the lookout for THE presence of wonder and “at that very moment” she recognized the God incarnate.  Charlotte saved Wilbur.  Anna spoke of the savior.  She was versatile.  I think she went and “spoke about the child to all…” and said…