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The computer hums. It is an old one. Apple ‘geniuses’ call it vintage. In computer galaxies this is measured in months, not years.


This is sound first heard with morning coffee. Morning walk: there are robins, cardinals, blue jays, yellow finches chatting to one another. Shingles being removed on neighbor’s roof—crashing shakes to the ground, scraping and peeling, power nail gun rivets the birdsongs.

Quick clean up, hair done, dress on, drive to
church for funeral for faithful 98 year old fellow church member.


“Not often do I use Proverbs for a funeral, but today, I will, “ says the pastor officiating the service. He provides verses on wisdom, guidance, understanding and compassion in a life well lived.


Words that are comforting flow from the homily. “He was good at saying grace.” The Pastor gives details on this love affair of talking with God. His grace filled life.


Amazing Grace. How Great Thou Art. A flag unfurled and Taps is played.


Computer hums. What will be the heard on the day they speak about me?



Creator God,

Let grace abound in my life. Let it be evident. May others hear it, see it, and experience it through who I am. Amen