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A trusted friend gave me a sketch of thoughts on note cards. The thoughts were intriguing and insigIMG_6635 (1)htful. Initially, the musings written had me contemplating her life and situation. She was evaluating and assessing herself and sharing.

The note cards were decorated with fanciful drawings. A potted flower, pen, glasses, vintage corded phone… The background was petal pink and there were lines to write your words upon.

As I sifted through the cards that were each labeled “My to do List” I began to deliberate the short thoughts as it applied to my life. This list was haunting.


I will share a few of her contemplations:


*Don’t try to be Florence Nightingale and try to help some one with their “sliver.” ZIP IT.

*Read YOUR Bible   Focus on God, Not Others.

*Don’t Get Too Comfortable.

*Ask YOURSELF are you helping or are you Hurting?

*Don’t’ offer Your “Seasoned Advice Tips” Books or Whatever if no one asks you.

*Know your Limits.

*Don’t go to lunch with friends if you know it’s not your “cute day.”

*Forgive Yourself. Stop trying too Hard.

I have a lot TO DO, it is not my cute day. Thanks DEAR FRIEND.