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A scrap of paper tucked in a drawer –six months ago—a year?


*Write a prayer for _________.

What we whisper is listened to—God’s microphone is always on. He listens to all we utter.”

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Psalms 65:2 (NASB)
O You who hear prayer,

To You all men come.

Nothing is hidden.


Nothing. We are fearful of privacy. Drones fly overhead. Observing the topical.


On back of the piece of paper:

“Be careful what we hear.”

Mark 4:23(MSG) Jesus asks, “Are you listening to this? Really listening?”

Drones record.

Prayer is lifted for _______. God hears the whisper.

The piece of paper is tucked back in the drawer.

Hiding the piece of paper in the drawer does not prevent God from seeing the scrawls. Drawing out the paper reminds me to whisper and listen—is that God’s drone alongside me?

Drone Holy Spirit reporting to duty.