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The building and company has become animate. No people involved. Not a person in sight. A Facade with blurred, nameless beings engaged in homogenous activity.


Government has responsibility. It has a spirit, more beautiful than life endowed upon it, an aesthetic authority, creating power unbridled. The faceless machine demands respect.


“An interesting essay might be written on the possession of an atheistic literary style. There is such a thing. The mark of it is that wherever anything is named or described, such words are chosen as suggest that the thing has not got a soul in it. Thus they will not talk of love or passion, which imply a purpose and a desire. They talk of the “relations” of the sexes, as if they were simply related to each other in a certain way, like a chair and table. …They will talk of the rise and fall of wages, as if the thing were automatic, like the tides of the sea.”—British author G.K. Chesterton, writing in the Illustrated London News, Dec. 7, 1912 (emphasis mine)


People amalgamate into tolerant groups rising up individually only to sing praise to self, that they are loyal to the Facade. It’s all automatic…like the tides of the sea.



Headlines in the paper read, “Army Corps of Abuse, Kim Jong Un Hacks Your Bank, Floods Force Texans Out, Clinton and Trump Tackle California, Jumbo Loans Benefit Few Blacks, Hispanics”


The Facade provokes and provides.


Where has the founding Religion gone? The vehicle that connects community with God, provides care for the poor and widows, undergirds social responsibility, teaches history, trains leaders, and saves souls.


The Facade alleges religion is separate from all things. Separate it from community, care for poor, history, and leadership and then the Facade can persuade the amalgamated groups to move like the tides of the sea.


Yes, an atheistic literary style has become quite popular. Headlines continue: “Smart Devices Undone by Dumb Security, Gluten-Free Water, A Fad Without a Grain of Sense, Medicare Drug Proposal May Imperil Patient Care….”