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My less than witty attempt at poking fun at today’s political leaders when they are asked to elaborate on their past comes back to roll me over.


I am going through few bookshelves on a rainy day and I pull out a study book that has title I do not recognize. I thumb through and it has my name in the front, with a date (10 years ago) and notes written in the margin throughout the book. Underlines everywhere. The material is familiar, but no recollection whatsoever of doing this study with a group. The cover does not jar my memory. Neither does the title.


I shut my eyes and squeeze—an attempt to push out the molecules holding the memory. Nothing. Complete amnesia on this. Total NO recall.


Israel must have had this problem when confronted by Moses about the golden calf. Did King David have a blank moment when he gazed over to the next roof top at Bathsheba? Manna must have had an amnesia effect.


I can remember the dress I wore to the first day of kindergarten, but this book has not made a single divot in my memory bank.


Humility is knocking at my brain and saying remember this? You were just reading some of your Bible Study and boldly accusing….

….Israel of being blind to the obvious. “How dare you deny God his glory and be disobedient in a flamboyant way! Be like me and walk a straight line ALWAYS remembering God’s ways.”


I put the book back on the shelf sheepishly. Memory loss is flashing in my cerebral cortex like a neon sign. “Sheepishly”, I say, because, aren’t sheep kind of dull and need to be led?


I don’t recall.