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Gain all you can by common sense, by using in your business all the understanding which God has given you. It is amazing to observe how few do this, how men run on in the same dull track with their forefathers.”

–John Wesley, from Sermons on Several Occasions, 1760

based on Luke 16:1-9


John Wesley’s words could be an opening line for a good sermon in 2016.


John Wesley’s stewardship principles: 1. Gain all you can 2. Save all you can 3. Give all you can, are still preached today. After reviewing his “Use of Money” set of sermons—the majority of the ink is spent on “Gain all you can.” There are many land mines in the gain of money—and as he points out, midway through a 15 page discourse, common sense is a key resource we are lacking.


He pointed out those who defraud—smugglers in his day. Would that be tax evaders in ours? He even got REAL gritty and mentioned those who gained by hurting their neighbor—in spirit and body through , pointing to doctors and pharmacist—my trade by training– who lengthen pain or disease, to gain by unscrupulous care. Also–those who sell and prepare liquid fire—spirituous liquors—were chastised to the extent: “They drive them to hell like sheep. And what is their gain?”

How do you think that would fly in your local church today?

It certainly gives you something to chew on during the week. Not your middle of the road sermon.


I think I need a glass of pinot noir -liquid fire to consider these principles. (that kind of rhymes) JW would not think that is funny.


Pray about this today. Do not run on the same dull track as yesterday.

Have some Common Sense!