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Scanning newspapers over the last month: shootings, opinions on political matters that are filled with venom and vice, anger in the street, political leaders taking sides, and August has not arrived.


Examining some texts for Fall/Winter Bible Study, I was reminded that crucifixion was a legal form of death and torture in Jesus’ lifetime. It was an exceptionally gruesome method of torture, carried out by the government, not in secret dungeons, but in public. Everybody had seen crucified men along the roadsides of the Roman Empire. Everyone knew what it looked like, smelled like, sounded like—the agony, the smell and sight of their bodily functions—and no one cared.


What would the newspaper headlines have been in the year 25?


We consider our times to be chaotic or trending downward. I can read conservative views on yesterdays racial tensions and police murders. Harsh words on both sides.


I had the “opportunity” to visit a United Methodist church in San Francisco two weeks ago –that forgot the gospel in their message. Yes, you read that right.


Does anybody care?


We get wrapped up in our own issues…whatever it may be. I listened to the prayer requests yesterday at church: sickness, travel, mourning, –all solid prayer request, but not one for renewing of the Spirit.


Does anybody care?

What makes us human and in communion with God? Have we forgotten? Did we ever know?


Spirit    —–    Dominion over Creation   —– Love


Are we crucifying our fellow man today?

Crucifixion is legal today.  It does not require a cross.

Harsh words. Hard hearts. Arrogance that leads to hatred. Reward with no Responsibility. Greed that consumes hearts. Minds that are controlled by minority opinion. Consumerism that motivates every move….


Garden Delight

With your given spirit, start living in the Spirit—With great responsibility have dominion over what God created and Love (the greatest of all) like there is no tomorrow.

Pray: Open my eyes so that I am able to see God everywhere.  Faith is the confirmation of things we do not see and conviction of their reality.  Enable me to love in a way that is impossible without you.  Do not allow me to crucify. Amen.