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It is midsummer and we are thinking about vacations or a holiday from our usual routine.  


Do you take a vacation from God…or church…or worship…or prayer?  Be honest.  Do you expect God to keep communicating with you while the Cubs game is blaring in one ear and the fishing boat motor is humming in the other…and the political conventions are keeping you up WAY too late at night giving you indigestion.  


“All human trouble comes from thinking about God wrongly.  We tend to think of ourselves wrongly.” says Dallas Willard, professor of philosophy at University of Southern California, author of “Hearing God.”  


Travel Morning

Do we want to hear from God..just to keep us safe…responsible for actions…change the course of our small life in our small world?  

What are some ways wrong thinking about God may contribute to wrong ideas about hearing God?


I do believe God shows up at Cubs games, in fishing boats (we have evidence of that, although there was no motor), and even at political conventions if we are in tune to Him.  




Try a God holiday–holiday with God.  

  1. Use Lectio Divina to hear God

Lectio-Read the Scripture


Oratio-Respond (Pray)

Contemplatio-Contemplation or Rest on what you heard.  Do as you are led.  Simply be with God.  

  1. Walk with God.  Take a walk and purposely talk to God.  Do as you are led. Write down on a piece of paper a verse you like and contemplate this as you walk with God.  Ask Him what this means.  

  1. Invite God to go with you to ________.  Wherever your holiday is–purposely say–”I know you are with me–be in my thoughts, my words, my attitude.”

Responsibility is the heart of hearing from God.  Start today!

Pray: Take my summer, Lord, and make it yours.  May I hear you in my work and in my leisure.  Thank you for the seasons of my life and the seasons of nature.  You who make the moon and stars, the earth and sun, and all the great wonders, to the One who remembered us in our low estate and brought salvation to all the nations–has given us the Spirit of truth and your Son promised “he will guide you into all truth.”  AMEN