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Going on a trip this week.  The packing begins.  Guys–you can zone out on this one.  You are able to pack for 6 months in 10 minutes.  Grey or khaki pants, white/blue shirt, underwear, –toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and and extra pair of shorts for good measure.  You use the hotel “stuff” for bathing, and hair.  Fingers are your hair products.  OK, you might use some gel.  Done.  This fits in a skinny bag that you are able to toss above your seat once you board a plane.


I boldly pronounce to David yesterday, “I am checking my luggage for the trip.”  He shakes his head while SAYING, “You can do whatever you want.”  So body language says, NO!, and his mouth says “go ahead.”  We agreed to disagree.  


All my mental insufficiencies come to light in this  packing endeavor.  (Hoarding vs minimalist; monotone vs vibrancy; jewelry vs simplicity; carry-on vs checked)


On a normal day, I can get ready using a single brush and only a few beauty products, but when I get ready to travel this voice inside my head starts to talk:

What if there is a lot of humidity and you need extra hair mousse?”  “Perhaps you will want to CURL your hair and that requires a different brush that is really BIG!”  “Extra moisturizer is always good in hotel rooms!” “Don’t forget the dental floss.”  


Now the clothes.

 “What if there is an unusually cold day?”   “What if I spill jelly on my white pants at breakfast?”  “The hot days require 2 outfits and I MAY need 3 if it is really HOT.”  “Some environments are best if I show up in a dress–or it is theIMG_8647 other way around–need some casual, but dressy slacks for the evening.”  


Do you get the picture?  Very difficult to fit this all in a carry on–but imagine trying to lift this bag above your head gracefully on the plane.  I must turn into the Incredible Hulk to finesse this piece of luggage into this small space!  


Think about the time I take on packing; unpacking. Does this type of thinking pour over into my “regular” life?  Hmmmm?  


Where am I traveling?  Who am I going with and who am I visiting?  Isn’t that the point?  


What does this have to do with spiritual life?

What am I packing/unpacking in life?  Am I too interested in what I have in the luggage than the relationships I am making the journey for and with?  


I must ask myself–What have I spent too much time “packing” in my life and forgot about the journey?  

Perhaps my work can become an infinite “packing” job…without enjoying the journey.  The details of what I take on my trip (literal and life) is not what God is going to be “pleased” about –although He does know the number of hairs on my head. (Lk 12:7) that I use both brushes to style!  


How do you “pack” things in your daily life?  Do you have spiritual baggage? Do you need to get rid of some of your stuff (also called sin) (or could be called temptations) so you can lift your carry on bag?  or get the checked bag to meet the 50 lb rule? 

..let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and run…Hebrews 12:1


 Don’t get caught up in the “carry-on” verses “checked” controversy.  He will love you even if you check your luggage. 🙂  

Pray: Heavenly Father: Help us to Pack and Unpack all the “THINGS” in our life that hinder us from relationships.  From seeing YOU–from seeing each other.  May our journey on earth be filled with golden moments that we see each other anew and see You perhaps from someone else’s point of view.  In all things–we praise you for the opportunity to travel and share your love.