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Monday marks the beginning of a work week.  Sometimes it becomes an overwhelming day that becomes stacked with little negotiating room. What is a priority?  How do you assimilate your day?  Do you make a list?  Does your boss make the list?  What about the digital part of your life–does it command your attention all day–the computer, the phone, the radio and TV?  

If you are part of God’s people–and delight in serving him, praising him, worshiping him–how do you do this on Monday–or any other day?


In Dallas Willard’s book, Hearing God, he explains that God communicates with us in many ways and desires to have a conversation with us.  


According to Willard,  “God will not compete for our attention.  In most cases God will not run over us. We must be open to the possibility of God’s addressing us in whatever way he chooses…”   (there are some exceptions-bushes, donkeys, angels)


Most of the time, God is communicating through the human spirit–or the “still, small voice.”  To hear this, to honor this, we must acknowledge Him.  



Keep your Monday open to this whispering voice….


*On this week of yom kippur..pray for the Jewish Nation of Israel and all the souls in it

*Give thanks for God’s grace, which has the power to make us holy.  

*Pray specifically for God’s eyes in pursuits at work, for healthy habits to ensure a strong body, and success in all endeavors this week.  

*Pray for sweet time alone with God each day