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March means basketball.  Which is a religion in some homes (this is a portal for confession.) March also is the calendar month for Lent. You say, what exactly is Lent?  Long story–but:

Lent derives from the old Saxon word for “spring,”  and is the 40 days before Easter, not including Sundays. The Christians of Eastern traditions love to refer to the “Bright Sadness” that marks every Christian who will endure the darkness leading up to Easter.  Spring gives way to summer, and the each day’s light is longer.  


When the Christian church weaves fasting, prayer, and special offerings together over a period of several weeks, individuals, families, and communities are impacted powerfully.  As Dallas Willard put it, “One drop of water every five minutes won’t get you a shower.”  We need to be immersed in the reality of the kingdom of God for big doses before we start to see an impact–hence 40 days.  


Lent is an internal exploration for external change.  


How is Lent transforming you?  

You don’t go around with a “LENT” shirt–like your favorite March Marchmadness team.  

Do you have a Sweet 16 of Bible Verses? Do you analyze what “team” of disciples you would have liked to have been on?  


Here are the Final Four of Lent:






All of these are actions that bind us to Christ and can be done individually–and will bear fruit in community.  


Consider March Madness in your daily life. Live accordingly. At home, at work, and in leisure.



As your grace fills our hearts, O Lord

so may we be stirred into action

to demonstrate your love for all the world

and for all creatures that live and move on this earth.