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A tattered overstuffed journal sits on my desk. I have had this prayer friend for ten years or so.  I go its pages and confide — recording the desires of my heart, laments, thanksgivings, and musings.  I will fasten an occasional picture on a page…or clipping from a note. Doodles and thoughts are scrawled on some pages. My children’s momentos. There are large chronological gaps.  Then there are some pages with daily thoughts.  


It is by prayer that we couple the power of heaven to our helplessness and make the impossible–possible.” — O. Hallesby   (This  quote from September 9, 2014.  I combined  with Colossians 4:2  “Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving.”)


The next page had an item I shared with a Bible Study Leader partner –just a story.  Then an old picture was taped to following page: my home that I grew up in…another page are prayers for work colleagues at the pharmacy, several years ago.  Seems so long ago….


The book is very personal, not private.  Anyone could read it.  It would let you know what my heart is “thinking.” Favorite Bible verses…who I am praying for…what gives me great joy….and peace…illnesses, hurts,….what I see…what inspires me, God’s refining hand in my life… encouragements.

As I look back through the pages (just ten years!) it provides me with a trustworthy PERSONAL account of God’s unfailing love. He hears my prayers.  I have forgotten many of the writings and requests–but God does not. I visualize that God has read each one of these pages…and knows each of my requests.  


I see the picture of my childhood home–and know He has hovered over me always…even before my “book.”  


I can’t wait for the next ten years…why don’t you try it with me?  



God’s word goes out with power and always achieves His goal…allows me to go out with joy and be led forth in peace.  May we know that God created the stars and calls them by name and because of His great power and mighty strength not one of them is missing!(prayer by Gail Dugan from thoughts on Isaiah, Journal, June 2011)