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We “go” to work each day.  Even if you work from home, there is a work position…in front of a computer, on the phone, and our physical body is part of the work process.  There is a visceral response to work.  


I am planning a  “Spiritual Formation” guide in our church–and I have found that it requires the human spirit (inner being) AND it involves the body because that’s where we live and what we live from.  Transformation of the whole person/spiritual formation is never merely inward.


Think about how you position yourself today at work–physically.  


Smiling with Allison…

Does it reflect your Spirit?  


What message do your physical responses send?  


If someone were to describe your countenance–what words would they use?  How are you different than someone who does not know God?  


                                                       …………AWAY WE GLOW…….



“All that is to be, now is!

The reign of God is now with us.

Return to God’s way,

And LIVE out the Good News.


–from, A Guide to Prayer for all Who Seek God, Upper Room Books