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Strong leaders can help an organization to maximize productivity and achieve business goals.  

Strong leaders have certain personal characteristics: integrity, confidence that is mixed with humility, passion, patience, focus, honesty, transparency, courage –and  are committed to communication.  


If you communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly with integrity you become an agent of change. You are able to engage a workforce to produce value, create an environment of innovation, and create a competitive edge for your organization.  


Jesus was the ultimate communicator.  Look at his message and method.  He had to tell the world he was the Messiah, teaching along the way…remaining sinless.  


*He never wrote down a single word.

*He spoke in parables.

*He formed relationships with people. (12 close relationships and a few others, but relatively small circle)

*He was humble in all he did.


Today, all the rage are TED talks.  The acronym stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design — and have found their way into church life. The talks influence preachers and are shown in a variety of church settings to spark discussion.

The talks are video-recorded in front of live audiences and shared worldwide through the Internet. They’re typically brief (about 18 minutes), anecdot

al and focused on a single idea about which the speaker feels passionately.


According to Alyce Mckenzie, teaching professor at Southern Methodist University, preachers can learn from TED talks in that the same principles work:  “Be clear. Be interesting. Be vivid. Waste no words. And then sit down.”

You see–Jesus taught in the same way too. CLEAR. INTERESTING. VIVID. WASTED NO WORDS. AND THEN HE SAT DOWN…that is when it got interesting….


Business Leaders: You don’t have to write it down.  Form a relationship with your team.  Tell a story–your story.  Be trustworthy.  Give a talk today: Clear, Interesting, vivid, waste no words. Then sit down.  Take it from the best.  TED talks–no Jesus.