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What is your password?  Yep, the infamous question.  The one that always has you scrambling…where did I put that?  Did I update that?  Is that in my super secret file?  Or in my notebook?  Is it my birthday with my favorite number? Backwards, with a cherry on top… My kid’s favorite number….


No password needed for prayer.  Nope.  Imagine if there was a password needed?  Would it make it more popular?  Maybe if there was a prayer video game that God had…and you had to navigate a certain number of levels just to get to Him?  


What do you need to pray today?  Think about it…what if you had to put in a password or a credit card number, or wait on hold?  TRULY EASY ACCESS….don’t take this full access for granted.  


**There ARE some faith traditions that require “passwords” to access their god.  Jesus Christ accomplished everything for us.  AMAZING GRACE.  AMAZING PASSWORD.  


Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence. Eph 3:12



*Give thanks that we do not need a password to pray!

*Give thanks for your job and the business you are in…

*Pray for all who work together at your work that they be blessed in their work environment in safety, and a positive culture.  

*Continued favor in your industry…that current customers remain loyal and new customers seek your company out for advice and orders!

*Thank God for each and every conversation that you have –and ask God for guidance when confronted with a challenge.  The challenges may be an opportunity in disguise.  

*Pray for the health of all your co-workers…