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How does your faith shape your work?  

ASK yourself: How does my work…advance the kingdom?  


Work is toilsome…Is right to stay with a job that is hard?  He may have you in this job for a purpose…even though difficult.  


                      God promises joy…there is joy in accomplishing….a work.  


Work…it captures your dreams as a child…

“I want to be a…..”  


What did you want to be when your were a child?  Example: designer, race car driver, editor, baseball player, singer, …we are designed to work….we are designed to be fruitful….

The goodness of work is spoken of in  Genesis.  WORK is stewardship in Genesis.  It is a gift of creation.  1:31  “It is very good…our labor, our cultivating is good…God affirms it as very good.”  


The good of being human is our work.  


I think about hosting a party.  I enjoy making a good cup of coffee. I get excited about putting together this season’s Bible Study curriculum. —- These are “works.”  


What is the value of work?  Dignity.  It affirms dignity.  Character.  Timeliness, respect, loyalty, perseverance, team-work.  It develops character.


What do you do?  What do you love about your work?  

Engage your heart, whole mind, soul in work.

You can engage in God’s restorative work–you can build business as a channel for the common good. 

Think about your: Worst JOB   I have given a few examples that were given in a video:

Worst Job

Copy boy–in a little room.  Bad smell.  Two years.  

Washing cars at a local car wash…lots of mini vans!  Yuck!!!

Fast food restaurant…accidentlly locked in refrigerator.  

MY worst job: picking up eggs at an egg farm (1 cent/dozen)

What did you learn? What do you bring to the table today from the “worst job” experience?


Even in a dream job, we still do experience the brokenness.  We taste the toil of work when going well.  There is sin present in every room.


God makes us in his image, and we cultivate the earth.  In Genesis 3, because of sin, we have the frustration of work.  The systems of the work–are identified–and it fights against man.  


Tim Kellerman was asked: — “why to stay in job when hard, or see that it is not what you want”  He said, “Learn the ropes of profession…earning your spurs…meeting people….accomplishing a goal….”  


OR—advancing the kingdom in a place of darkness??


Sin in work:  

There will be sin in all places.  Don’t be mystified or shocked when it is present in your work environment.  Look first to self.  Make yourself clean–before casting stones…and then clear a space around you for others to come into a safe place.  


God given instinct to work….to create fruitfulness…even in the brokenness.  Example: to plant a garden in the trampled decayed inner city.  There are ministries that plant gardens in these dark, concrete places…how hard it is to start…the green shoots appear…amid the abandoned homes, the chain link fences….the blighted place becomes a fertile place of growth…..spiritual light.  

The buildings are still crumbling, but there is a small, green, patch of land.  


Make your place in work a patch of green land.  


Lead me Lord, Lead my work….

Father, I thank You that You are instructing me and teaching me in the way I should go and that You are guiding me with Your eye.  I thank You for Your guidance and leadership concerning Your will, Your plan and Your purpose for my life.  

I trust in You and lean not on my own understanding.  As I acknowledge You in all my ways, You direct my paths.  I believe that as I trust in You completely, You will show me the path of life. Amen

Psalm 32:8; Proverbs 3:5,6; Psalm 16:11